100 Day Party Begins

28 10 2010

Written by Chris Mead, UTA Sports Radio

Cowboys Stadium prepares for Super Bowl XLV

With 100 days until the 2011 Super Bowl, big names from across Texas gathered to celebrate and prepare the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex for the event.
Host Curt Menefee and his guests discussed the advantages of having the Super Bowl in Cowboys Stadium.
“Athletic events are one of the greatest drivers of an economy,” said Governor Rick Perry.

“We use these events to recruit people to come to Texas.”

Menefee with Governor Perry
North Texas has experience handling big sporting events, as last year’s NBA All Star Game took place in Dallas.
Businessman Ross Perot Jr. said that the Super Bowl will show the world how strong North Texas’ economy is and will encourage people to move their businesses here.
According to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, “We can showtime North Texas.”
Expectations are high for this year’s Super Bowl, being held in the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium. The Super Bowl Host Committee wants to make this year set the bar for Super Bowls to come.
Curt Menefee, Troy Aikman, Daryl Johnston, Jerry Jones, Drew Pearson, and Emmitt Smith

“In Texas we do things bigger and better. For the Super Bowl that’s a challenge,” said Daryl Johnston, former Super Bowl winner with the Dallas Cowboys.

Former Super Bowl MVP Emmitt Smith said that “North Texas can do it the right way.”
Bringing the Super Bowl to Arlington has been a process. According to Governor Perry, it took five or six years of effort to finally bring the Super Bowl to North Texas.
“As a player you think it just happens. As part of the host committee you know it doesn’t just happen,” said Drew Pearson, Super Bowl Champion and current Super Bowl Host Committee member.
Of course, having a Super Bowl is about more than just money. It’s about giving players and fans the experience of a lifetime.
According to Jones, only 7% of football fans have ever been inside a stadium. “It’s a thank you to you (the fans) for your commitment to football,” Jones said.
“It’s bigger than sports. It’s a life lesson. You can overcome your obstacles and achieve your dreams. That’s what the Super Bowl stands for,” said former Super Bowl MVP Troy Aikman.
The Super Bowl is not the only championship sporting event happening in Arlington this year. The Texas Rangers will be having World Series games at home October 30, 31, and November 1.
When asked for a prediction, Johnston was very confident in the Rangers. “Fox told them not to sweep the Giants, at least take it to game six,” he joked.
Aikman, Johnston, Jones, Pearson, and Smith showing their support for the Rangers

Aikman showed his Rangers support as well, giving hats to all the speakers.

The Super Bowl will take place at Cowboys Stadium on February 6, 2011.