Citarella Cellars Logo

28 03 2012

This is a logo I created for a fictional wine company named Citarella Cellars


Comm Day Logo

28 03 2012

A logo I created for UTA’s 2012 Communication Day.

Shiner Billboard

26 02 2012

This advertisement was created for educational purposes only and was created independant of the Shiner company.

Proposed Longhorn Network Logo Change

1 11 2011

As a Longhorn football fan, I’ve been very interested in the Longhorn Network. The first time I saw their logo I liked it. It works well on their website and set. However, the first time I saw it on ESPN’s ticker I couldn’t believe they didn’t have another version. The logo has way too much to be used on the ticker.

Here is their logo:

After spending about 5 minutes on Microsoft Paint, I created a new version.

Here’s mine:


UTA Sports Radio Logo

20 10 2011

This is the first logo I ever designed when I was hired as Sports Director in September 2010.